Mirror Studio

Perfectionism in every little detail

These are designer mirrors, panels and mirrored furniture of the highest quality. We create all products inside and out in our workshop. Each of our mirrors is a unique work created by the painstaking work of designers, planners and embodied by the hands of experienced craftsmen. We create mirrors from environmentally friendly materials, inspired by works of art. Before going into production, each model is developed for several months. Lines, joints, materials - everything corresponds to the ideal. We create things that emphasize the status of our clients. We rethink fashion by turning mirrors into art.

Clients of our mirror studio:

Furniture manufacturing companies;
Studios working in the field of interior design and decoration;
Other mirror workshops, which, due to the specifics of their production and its workload, cannot cope with accepted orders;
Individually working interior designers and architects;
Individuals and legal entities engaged in finishing the premises on their own.
Such a clear, high-quality work became possible thanks to the excellent coherence of the team, which has been working in the same composition for many years. And with each completed task and manufactured element, our total and individual experience grows, and our skills are honed.

Having made an order with us, you will not want to look for someone else. Experience and a variety of finished projects allow us to practically guess the desires of customers. Offer the most economical or, conversely, spectacular and expensive solutions. And to perform any work with consistently high quality and strict adherence to deadlines.


Service Efficiency
We execute orders in a short time, often on the same day. For complex projects, the waiting time can be from 1 to 7 days.
Wide choice of materials
The mirror workshop is ready to provide its customers with glass products from more than 100 manufacturers to choose from for the basis of the product.
Cooperation without limits
We work both with individuals and with representatives of various organizations and enterprises - and we value each client!


In 2005, our workshop added a new direction to its activity: framing paintings and graphics in a baguette and passe-partout. Large range of colors. We offer services for the manufacture and framing of mirrors in baguette frames, framing of plasma panels in a baguette, embroidery design, production of stretchers for paintings, and more. 
Do you want to make your home beautiful, cozy and warm?…Our glass will protect your home from cold and drafts, while mirrors and framed paintings will create coziness and unique style.

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